-Miles Mountain is an AMA sanctioned facility. You must be a member of AMA to race here but you do not need to be a member of AMA to practice here.

​-Gate fees for the 2014 season will be $20.00 with the exception of the first race of the season which will be a $10.00 fee. Practice fees will always be $25.00 for big bikes and $20.00 for 50cc. Race fees will be $25.00 for your first class, $20.00 for a second, and $10.00 for a third.

​-General admission wristbands MUST be worn from the time of purchase throughout your stay

-We do have water on site to fill up water tanks​

​-Absolutely NO PIT RIDING! NO EXCEPTIONS! (golf carts, ATV’s, etc.)

-​You may not reserve camping/parking spaces. First come, first serve.

-​​Pick up your garbage!!! Please do not leave rocks, leveling blocks, fire rings or fire wood in the yards!!!
-​All announcements can be heard from the radio station 88.1

-​​Every rider must be wearing his/her admission AND practice wristbands before entering the track. Each rider must have only one practice sticker for their correct class group and only be on the track during that practice only.

-​​​​​​Riders must have a helmet, boots, and a long sleeve shirt to ride the track.​​ ​ ​

-All riders use FIRST GEAR ONLY to and from the track.

-Absolutely NO cutting the track! There is only ONE enter and ONE exit!

-50cc riders will use the SX track for practice and it will be open to them all day. Some races we will have a practice session on the big track for 50cc senior riders.

-MANDATORY riders meetings will be on Sunday mornings. Each rider must be there for a safety briefing. Random numbers will be called out, if you are there you will get first gate pick, if you’re not there you will get last gate pick.

-The Freestyle course is off limits​​